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The parental rights of both mom and dad had been terminated.  That meant the girls would be going up for adoption, just like we had hoped. Our hearts were beating out of our chest with joy. Our dreams were coming true. But neither my husband nor I were prepared for what came next.  The department had found a family member (an aunt) out of state that was willing to take the girls and raise them as her own.  My mind could not comprehend what the lawyer was saying.  Why had this aunt not stepped up before now and where had she been for the past six months? They were our girls. Selfish thoughts perhaps, but still my thoughts at the time. This was not the big news we wanted to hear.  The lawyer said the family would have to pass a home inspection and go through a background check just like we did before any final decision was made. We would be given a chance to plead our case and we would have to prove to everyone the girls were better off with us.  Then the lawyer said the judge had ordered a visit for the newly found aunt and her family to meet the girls which would happen within the next couple of weeks, and she would let me know when that was to take place. I looked at my husband and thought to myself, This can’t be happening again?